ZenDrop Review: Dropshipping – Are They Good?

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The employees work with the manufacturers and suppliers directly, allowing you to achieve higher profit and lower product prices.

Processing of orders for 1 -2 days to ensure the fastest shipping time.

In the dropshipping sector, the shortest shipping time allows your clients to receive their products in less than a week.


Import products to your store immediately — No more waiting or manual importation of each product.

Custom packaging — One of the strategies for brand-building is packaging. This is why each company has its own packaging, usually including its logo and name. You can create custom packaging for all the products you sell by using Zendrop.

Complete private labeling — Zendrop gives you a private label option that will help you grow your brand if your dropshipping business gets high volumes of orders.

Fast order processing — Processing your orders and shipping them out to your customers takes around a day or two.

Fast shipping — For buyers, one of the most important factors is probably shipping speed. If they have purchased them from a local store, most of them want to get their items as quickly as they can. Within one week, which is the fastest shipping time in the dropshipping sector, Zendrop guarantees fast shipping to ensure that your customers are satisfied.

Order auto-filling — Filling of orders is one of the downsides of dropshipping (and e-commerce in general). It is boring and time-consuming. Zendrop auto-fills all your orders for you in order to save you from all this trouble.

American support agents — This feature enables you to support a real-time agent if you are American-based. No more time-zone differences and waiting for a response. Alternatively, to any question you may have, you get an instant response.

Live chat support — There’s support for live chat that helps solve any of your problems instantly, no matter where you are.

Bulk ordering — At every step, Zendrop supports your dropshipping business. It provides you with a white-glove service if you are a high-volume dropshipper.

Real-time analytics — For any dropshipper, analytics are an important factor. They tell you how many individuals have visited your website, bought your product, and provided you with insights into all your sales information. On the Zendrop Dashboard, you can find them and access them at any time.

Zendrop also allows branded Thank You letters for your website, apart from the Custom Packaging function, to help you grow into a brand.

zendrop works ZenDrop Review: Dropshipping - Are They Good?


When it comes to shipping, Zendrop ensures that your orders are shipped for a small fee of $3 within one week. $3 is worth paying when you take into account the satisfaction of customers when their products arrive quickly. In addition, the employees at Zendrop take care of all shipping information, from packaging to directly delivering the products to the customers. When it comes to meeting the expectations of the customers and leaving a positive impression on them, that helps a lot. In that way, it helps grow your company and establish itself as a trusted supplier.


For novice dropshippers, another very significant thing is the price. Most dropshippers seek free or very affordable options to start an online business. Zendrop offers three plans with that in mind:

Free — 50 orders limited. For beginners who want to try out how their dropshipping business is going to go, it’s great.

Pro — $49 a month. There is an unlimited number of orders and with an express shipping feature, it comes with all the amazing features mentioned above.

Platinum — Perfect for dropshipping companies that are established that make a good amount of money. You have to contact Zendrop customer service in order to find out the price and activate this plan.


You can choose that option or you can let the system do it all for you, even better. Everything depends on your preferences, your time, your nerves. In addition, it saves cash on a virtual assistant as it helps you in every step of the dropshipping process.

zendrop work ZenDrop Review: Dropshipping - Are They Good?




US Dropshipping Agents

Private Labeling

Full Automation

24/7 Chat Support

Bulk Ordering

Customer Thank You Letters Inside Packaging

Real Time Analytics

Auto filling orders


3-5$ for faster shipping


Zendrop is a truly amazing company, and if you will use WooCommerce or Shopify, there are no competitors. Amazing shipping times, and custom packaging with branded thank you letter is something, that will take your business to a truly trustworthy company.


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