Prinful Print On Demand Supplier Review: Quality Clothing?

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Printful is a (dropshipping) print-on-demand (POD) service that enables you to access everything you need to begin selling online custom accessories and items. Currently, there are over 200 printed products, and the list is growing every day. It has a lot of products to offer — T-shirts, leggings, pillows, coffee mugs, dresses, backpacks, phone cases, etc. Printful also provides clients who just want to buy some personalized items for themselves with a customized retail service. They are, however, well known for their seamless dropshipping facilities.

In the e-commerce industry, Printful allows online store owners to make serious cash without worrying about fulfillment or production of a single product. All they have to do is simply provide their custom designs, logos, or artwork to Printful, and the rest will be taken care of by Printful. This platform is free to set up and has no minimum order requirements or monthly fees. As it is available on many e-commerce platforms, it can easily be integrated into your website.


Printful operates by executing your orders thoroughly: they help you to print your custom designs on items and deliver them on demand to your customers. You just need to add Printful’s app integration to your e-commerce platform, and you will be able to run a fully automated business. Traditionally, you would have to do the printing, packing, and shipping on your own if you managed a non-automated dropshipping business. Besides, all the associated costs would have to be monitored: printer, ink, T-shirts or bulk items, shipping packages, and postage costs, not to mention the labor and time it would take to produce and deliver the item. However, with Printful, your customers only have to place their orders with you, and Printful takes care of the rest. As Printful already has the materials, equipment, and logistics staff to run a printing and fulfillment business, the costs will be much lower. By dropshipping with Printful, you still maintain the profit generated by your business, and you can spend your time on other activities such as designing, customer service, marketing, and growth.

Printful Print On Demand Supplier Review: Quality Clothing?


Businesses offering custom printing: Printing offers both printing, warehousing, and fulfillment services on demand. Businesses with Printful can integrate their store and upload their designs to the platform. Printing takes care of the rest, from manufacturing to items being shipped.

Content creators, independent artists, influencers: creative people who want to sell their own products can do this by using the services of Printful.

Anyone interested in dropshipping and custom printing: Quickly prints links to your website, so you can get affordable samples and industry-leading high-quality products.


Printing only makes money when you sell goods. You just need to choose a product to sell, and Printful lists the product’s starting retail price. The pricing plans for Printful depend on the product and customization type, usually ranging from $7 to $72.12. Nevertheless, those interested will be pleased to note that with no setup costs, order minimums, or monthly fees, Printful is absolutely free to get started. It charges only for production and shipping when you place an order.For each product category, Printful offers fixed shipping rates calculated according to the average cost. The weight, dimensions, and packaging of all items in its shipping category are similar.

Fees vary depending on the shipping destination, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries and territories worldwide. Besides, for products not manufactured by the company, Printful also offers warehousing and fulfillment services. Warehousing fees are measured by the total cubic footage that your products take up per day in the warehouse. The monthly minimum storage fee for the warehouse costs $25 in the U.S. and €22 in Europe. Depending on the number of units that you store, Printful also gives volume discounts. You can see how each item is priced and see your potential profits. Just register and visit their products at Printful.




User-friendly interface

Quick effortless setup

Product personalization options

Printful app for iOS and Android

Product mockup generator

No monthly fees

No minimum order purchase


Can’t mass edit product variables

Limited product mock-up images


Yes! We would recommend using them, they are the best print on demand company out there.

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