Honest AliDropship Review For Dropshipping: Worth Using?

Honest AliDropship Review For Dropshipping: Worth Using?


There’s a couple of great features that go along with the AliDropship plugin, and a few may even argue that the custom-built store is also a feature. In any case, we’ll dive into both, with attention to the plugin features on offer. First of all, the seamless integration with WordPress is good for anyone looking to streamline their dropshipping business. There’s no need to tinker with codes, or get the developers involved — users can add drop shipping to their store with one click.


The AliDropship plugin is a WordPress extension or add-on, helps to streamline (or add) a dropshipping component to your WordPress store. AliDropship allows you to access thousands of products on AliExpress. Also is comes with many powerful features across the board: from automation to marketing, to management and everything else in between.

Almost every single action is automated, from fulfilling orders to pricing, to searching and importing products to your store. this can be great for several reasons: sellers don’t have time to stress about this stuff, especially when it involves looking for products on AliExpress.

Search and import products: use smart filters to find the precise products you’re searching for.

ePacket shipping helps you find products that ship faster and for free with the ePacket shipping filter.

Pricing automation: use the advanced markup feature, which helps to use prices for all your products automatically.

Auto order fulfillment: confirm your orders with one mouse click and AliExpress will take care of the rest.

Auto tracking: automatically sends tracking numbers to customers


When it involves customization, AliDropship makes sure that each area is covered. you’ll find AliDropship themes that are designed for the plugin and are easy to style, customize for the swap. There are options to edit product information, and even the pictures before you import them to your store. Using the handy Image Editor, you’ll be able to make changes to the product images you import from AliExpress within your WordPress dashboard. The plugin also has no limit on the number of products you’ll be able to sell in your store and offers a large type of products and suppliers to choose from. This way, users can have 100% control over the design and feel of their store, even when they’re using already provided content.


The marketing features may look basic, but they’re the must-haves for any eCommerce platform. Often, these features are missed by other providers, but AliDropship makes sure users have all the tools they have to create, run, and grow their business. Users can benefit from the built-in discount codes to run promotions on their store, boost their ranking with SEO optimized product title tags, and build their email list by collecting emails from visitors and paying customers.


Last but not least, the AliDropship plugin comes with great management features.

Users can easily monitor their inventory. The auto product makes sure you do not offer something that is out of stock. Sellers can track traffic, sales, inventory using the AliDropship dashboard. There’s also an opportunity to earn up to 12% cashback on each purchase, on top of your dropshipping revenue. There are over 20 payment gateways to choose from for your website including Paypal, Stripe, PayU, and a lot more. all in all, the management of your dropshipping business with AliDropship is less complicated than anywhere else.

Honest AliDropship Review For Dropshipping: Worth Using?


AliDropship shows the stats from your store, like how many orders have you received today, your revenue, published products. traffic, and sales report. This clear analytics will provide you with fast insight into the general performance of your e-commerce business.

If you’re comfortable with the WordPress dashboard, you’ll surely master Alidropship quickly as everything is nearly the same. The “Products” tab really reminds me of the “Posts” tab in WordPress, you’ll be able to press on a product and find a product editing page you’ll do filtering, bulk actions also like everything else that allows you to quickly find and edit what you would like.

Honest AliDropship Review For Dropshipping: Worth Using?


Unfortunately, AliDropship doesn’t offer a free trial. you’ll be able to see a demo, but you do not have the choice to require the AliDropship plugin for a ride before you decide to pay the total $89. It’s a one-off fee, which provides users access to all of the features and more discussed above. AliDropship is a great option for dropshipping, as it’s the most affordable option out there. The others charge a monthly fee, which adds up after time a lot.


Getting started with Alidropship is straightforward and easy. Considering you’ve done your marketing research, found your niche, and can start putting that to figure, there are many resources on the AliDropship knowledge base website to assist you. Assuming you’re choosing the AliDropship plugin, here’s 10 steps to dropshipping with AliDropship:

1) Buy the AliDropship plugin.

2) Get your domain and hosting. We recommend NameHero. ( NameHero review here ).

3) Install the AliDropship plugin with one click on WordPress.

4) Customize your website theme to be sure it’s really compatible with the AliDropship plugin (only WordPress built-in themes are compatible).

5) Set up your price formula: within the AliDropship settings, set your required price formula, and it will be applied to all your products automatically. It can be x2, x3, or x4 the value you pay, otherwise, you can simply choose “Add recommended” if you’re unsure.

6) Easily set-up payment gateways: Stripe, PayPal, or other.

7) Activate your license using the license key you received together with your plugin.

8) Install the AliDropship Chrome extension to be ready to import products to your store.

9) Find products manually or with the assistance of the Dropship.me plugin, which shows you only the most attractive products to sell.

10)Import products to your store with one-click, edit descriptions of the product, and just publish to sell.




No monthly costs

One time payment for lifetime acces

100% ownership over your store

Unlimited products

WooComerce integration

One click import products

Can copy exact websites


No trial


Yes! We would highly recommend using AliDropship as your dropshipping service! It is an amazing company.

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