Elementor Page Builder Review: Worth Using? Worth Buying?

Elementor Page Builder Review: Worth Using? Worth Buying?


The Elementor (launched in 2016) is a great WordPress page builder. It’s a drag and drop builder that allows you to visually build the Worpdress website by editing your website on the frontend. It has lots of features, but it can have a learning curve at times. If you want to build your own website, we have a guide.


It’s an easy-to-use plugin for page builders that can be used for free, but it also comes with a pro version that provides your site with even more useful features. With a simple drag and drop interface, Elementor allows you to use different blocks and see the changes happening on your site at the same time as you make them. This eliminates the need to refresh the page in the new window or to load a preview.

Building Blocks

You’ll be greeted with a blank canvas when you create a new page with Elementor, where you can drag and drop widgets that will make up your page. Widgets like text, images, headings, columns, icon boxes, carousels, Google Maps, and more are included in the free version.

Third-party widgets from other plugins and WordPress itself can also be included. This means that you can add galleries for WordPress, recent post lists, cloud tags, and any other standard widget for WordPress.


Elementor also includes many premade templates that you can use for your design as a starting point. You will find templates for About, Contact, Home, and other websites, as well as templates for various industries, such as restaurants, hotels, tourism, webinars, and more.In addition, Elementor provides pre-made sections such as FAQ, accordion, action calls, features, and more. Keep in mind that some of the templates and sections are only available for the premium version of the plugin, so before you can use them, you will need to update your license.


Mobile Preview

The fact that you can preview your design at any point in time on tablets and mobile devices is a noteworthy feature of Elementor. This makes it easy to design a fully responsive website, as you can adjust the design until it is displayed on any screen size without any problems.

Styling Features

It is possible to style each widget to your liking. Colors, content, fonts, layout, and more can be adjusted. On top of that, by clicking on each section, you can access even more styling options and adjust the position, margins, padding, and other settings.


WooCommerce Blocks

The Pro version of Elementor allows you to use blocks from WooCommerce that will help you create an Elementor online store. On any page, as well as your product categories, you can show a list of your products. The Add to Cart button that can be linked to any product on your page can also be found. This implies that you can create your own custom product layout and use the Add to Cart button from Elementor to allow visitors to go to the page of that product and buy it.

Global Widget

The ability to save any of your widgets as a global widget is another notable Pro function. Save it as a global widget if you are happy with the content and the style, and you will then be able to add it to multiple areas on your site. If you decide to change the widget in any way, it’ll be updated everywhere instantly.


One of Elementor’s biggest advantages is that it works with every WordPress theme. This is great news because without having to change themes, you can easily start using it and the pages you create will match the rest of your site.

That said, Elementor has its own theme builder and WooCommerce builder, so you are lucky to be a developer who wants to use Elementor for customer websites and create custom themes with it.

Another advantage of Elementor is that it has tons of plugins from third parties and it is compatible with WooCommerce and other popular plugins for WordPress.

The team behind Elementor continues to regularly push out new features, so Elementor is a reliable option if you’re looking for a plugin that is actively developed and maintained.

Elementor has an outdated interface despite tons of useful features that sometimes make it difficult to use the plugin. Some features are not easy to find and require unnecessary clicks, not to mention that margins and paddings can not be easily adjusted with a simple drag and drop. On top of that, while in editing mode, your website can look different.

Also, the blocks and templates offered by Elementor are quite boring, meaning that you risk ending up with a cookie-cutter website that does not stand out from your rivals.

Elementor Page Builder Review: Worth Using? Worth Buying?




Offers Tons Of Elements 

Has a Theme Builder And WooCommerce Builder 

Works With All Themes 

Many 3rd Party Plugins Available 

Elementor Keeps Pushing Out New Features 

Works Great With WooCommerce And Other Plugins


Oudated User Interface 

Website Can Look Different While In Editing Mode 

Cant adjust margin and padding with drag and drop 

Templates and Blocks are pretty boring 

Support is not good, takes a while to get back to you 

No lifetime option


Not the easiest page builder to learn, but perfect for drop shipping thanks to WooCommerce integration!

If you are a beginner, we would recommend using Brizy instead. You can visit our Brizy review here.

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