Dropified Review: Is It Good Dropshipping Service?

dropified logo Dropified Review: Is It Good Dropshipping Service?


Dropified is a dropshipping platform for those who would like a manufacturer or supplier to sell products from a simple online store and have those products stored, shipped, and packaged. They offer 14-day free trial. Dropified is a company that launched drop shipping in 2015. For your eCommerce business, their service promises to streamline product sourcing and order fulfillment. Dropified is doing a lot of things right, with more than 26,000 active users.


Of all the drop shipping companies, Dropified has one of the most complete feature sets. You get access to powerful e-commerce tools that save time, and some can not be found elsewhere.

Store Manager: Products upload and process orders. You can manage multiple stores on your dashboard with Dropified.

Automated Product Imports: One-click to publish products in your store. For automated order fulfillment, this also connects products to Dropified.

Automated Order Fulfillment: Place AliExpress orders quickly. The device will complete forms with correct shipping information and even solve captchas.

Custom Boards: Browse various products and create wishlists for your company so that before you upload them to your store, you can choose the best ones.

Sync Existing Products: Import into the Dropified app the products of your existing stores.

Bulk Product Management: For multiple items at once, edit product details like price, category, and weight.

Image Editor: Crop and resize images instantly with the in-app photo editing tool from Dropified.

Pricing Rules and Updates: To achieve your desired margins, set pricing rules. Get notified when the price changes for a product. Dropified will adjust your prices automatically.

Product Bundling: In one simple place, manage multiple items from different suppliers.

Built-in tracking of shipments: Track your deliveries from the Dropified app and know where your orders are immediate. You can set it to notify your customers automatically, too.

Inventory Alerts: Dropified adjusts your inventory levels automatically so that you don’t sell something that your supplier has run out of.

Vendor Switching: When one runs out of stock or you find better prices, suppliers easily change.

Order Audit Tool: Monitor your order logs and check for mistakes such as duplicate orders or incorrect addresses for delivery.

Sub Users: You can add as many as 25 users, depending on your plan, to help manage your store with full or partial access.

Squid Circle Membership: Get a free membership with Dropified’s Premier plan for Squid Circle (a printing service company).

Dropified Chrome Extension: Import products from popular markets easily and fulfill customer orders directly from this handy plugin for your browser.

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Placement and Fulfillment Order

Unlike some other dropshipping businesses, Dropified does not have its own product catalog. By searching for online markets, you’ll need to find products. The good news is that it takes one click to import products via the Dropified Chrome extension to your eCommerce store.

You can import products, including AliExpress, Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, and so on, from over 50 different sources.

Products that you import will be pushed to your stores automatically, complete with product names, information, descriptions, and images.

Tracking and Delivery

Shipping options will depend on the supplier of the product. Dropified also has a tool that allows you to find ePacket shipping products.

To provide you with updated tracking information, Dropified automatically scans your orders. The status of your orders can be viewed directly from the app, so you don’t have to check with the courier manually. This is only available for products from AliExpress, however.

For products sourced elsewhere, you will be responsible for obtaining the tracking code of each order.

Returns and Remittances

Since Dropified allows you to source products from a wide range of third-party marketplaces, each item can handle returns and refunds differently.

You’ll have to adhere to the policies that each marketplace imposes. Especially when you sell products that originate from different suppliers, it can get very confusing. It’s a good idea for you to come up with your own policy that will cover all your products because of this.

Not only will this make things easier to manage, but your interests will also be protected (as well as those of your customers).


Orders are automatically uploaded from all of your stores to the Dropified app, where you can view them in one place. By default, orders are organized in chronological order, and for easier organization, there are plenty of filters and sorting options. With Dropified’s automated fulfillment tool, products sourced from AliExpress (and already on your Connected Products list) can be processed. Before placing the order, it fills in all the necessary data such as customer name, delivery address, and item quantity. You can also do this manually if you prefer.You will have to handle fulfillment manually for products that aren’t sourced from AliExpress.


HostPapa support begins on its website, where a Customer Care Center page has well-chosen links to all the key areas you might need: Network Status, a knowledgebase, video tutorials, your dashboard, and options to raise a support ticket or open live chat.

HostPapa offers an email service that gets you everything you need to receive messages via an address that matches your website’s domain name. You can access your inbox from any device or app of your choosing.There are two email service plans from which you can choose. The Basic Email plan gets you 1 GB of storage per mailbox, while the Advanced Email plan gets you 5 GB of storage per mailbox.

If you would like to purchase both cloud-based email and productivity tools, HostPapa offers Google’s G Suite to its customers.You’ll get Gmail using a custom domain, as well as Google Drive and its associated apps (eg, Docs and Sheets).




Built-in Shipment Tracking

Automated Product Imports

Automated Order Fulfillment

Vendor Switching

Dropified Chrome Extension


Limited Automation


Dropified provides some of the most advanced and comprehensive drop shipping solutions for eCommerce business owners. Their app might take some getting used to, but mastering it will save you lots of time and energy later on. We recommend AliDropship.

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